Friday 1 November 2013

The Great Camera Challenge: Scottish Nature Photography Awards

Last autumn the organisers of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards asked me to take part in The Great Camera Challenge, which was to be one of twelve nature photographer who would each use a budget camera for a month and see what photos they could produce.  Intrigued I agreed to take part. My month was September so I had quite a wait before a tiny Nikon Coolpix L25 compact camera arrived in the post. Being so small it was no problem to take it everywhere with me and I took photographs in many places from the Isle of Harris to the Cairngorms.

At the end of September I sent the camera back so it could go on to the next photographer. One of my pictures along with a few comments on using it has just appeared on The Great Camera Challenge web page. The picture was taken straight from the SD card so no post processing has been applied. I think it looks a little washed out, certainly when compared with the photos I took at the same time with my NEX 7, which seems like a giant compared with the Nikon. Although the Nikon images are JPEGs - there is no raw option - they can still be tweaked. The picture above is the same photo after a little adjustment in Lightroom. I think it looks much better and is more realistic.
As well as on the web site images taken with the camera will appear in the 2014 Scottish Nature Photography Awards touring exhibition.

Below are three more pictures taken with the L25.


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