Thursday, 6 September 2018

Packed and ready for the GR5 Trail through the Alps

After humming and hawing over gear selection I'm finally packed for the GR 5, which is good as I'm leaving on the sleeper to London tonight!

I've mostly ended up taking tried and trusted items - main changes from my last long walk are pack (lighter weight, I won't be carrying a bear barrel and gallons of water), shoes (previous ones too worn), waterproof jacket (more substantial - it might rain!) and some electronics (I have a smartphone and a watch to test). I also have the new Dual-Lock Pacerpoles - my old ones are fine but I prefer this design - and the new Kojin burner for the Caldera Cone as it's more efficient. I'll be writing a piece about the gear and how it performs for The Great Outdoors.

The walk will actually start on Saturday after trains to London, Paris, Geneva and St. Gingolph. During the journey I hope to work out the complexities of the smartphone and the watch! Then it's three to four weeks of walking.


  1. Good luck. I'll be interested to find out how the solar panel performs. So many of them don't live up to expectations.

  2. Enjoy the trip Chris. Looking forward to your photos and trip reports. Will you be Instagramming along the way?

  3. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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  5. Good luck! What a gorgeous trail, I hope to one day brave it myself.