Saturday 2 March 2024

High Summer: Backpacking The Canadian Rockies republishing update

A month ago I posted about plan for a new edition of High Summer, my book about walking the length of the Canadian Rockies back in 1988 that has long been out of print. Andrew Terrill is republishing the book under his imprint Enchanted Rock Press and today I sent him the text with some added footnotes and a new introduction. There's no publication date yet but we're getting closer.

I have also been sending Andrew batches of images scanned from the slides I took during the walk for consideration for the book, which will have far more pictures than the original edition. I've posted a few of those images here, though I can't say say yet whether these will actually appear in the book.

I'm scanning the slides with my Sony a6700 digital camera and Sony 30mm macro lens on an old lightbox. The originals were taken with two Pentax SLR cameras and 24mm, 28-70mm, and 70-210mm Tokina lenses on Fujichrome 50 and 100 ISO colour transparency film and for one section where my supply box failed to arrive Ektachrome 100 and 200 ISO transparency film. 

I took over 3000 transparencies so selecting ones to scan is taking time. I love doing it though. I haven't seen most of these photos for over 30 years.

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