Tuesday 5 April 2011

Wind Turbine Politics

Since my post about wild land and the Scottish elections on March 25 the debate has moved on. The Mountaineering Council of Scotland has put out a press release calling for politicians to protect wild land, with the proposed Allt Duine wind farm on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park given as an example of a development too far (Alan Sloman has a good piece on his blog about this - Allt Duinne: The Big Lie). The MCoS press release has resulted in publicity in a variety of places including the Press and Journal newspaper and the Walk Highlands and Grough websites. It's important for those of us who care about Scotland's landscape and natural environment to continue talking about these issues and emphasising how precious our wild land is and how it must be protected. And for those who haven't yet to write to election candidates and ask them whether they'll work for wild land (I haven't yet had any replies to my emails).

The photo is from my unfortunately growing collection of pictures of wind turbines in the Scottish hills. I'm showing these pictures at a meeting on wind farms and the election in Inverness on April 6.

1 comment:

  1. i wish you well with your campaign, but i think the scottish government has its blinkers on!.
    what you need is a scottish "swampy" to bring some direct action protests, and get some big publicity going.
    i hoping that someone will try to blockade the building of the powerline.
    it's time for action, they are not hearing the words!!.