Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Keep It Wild! Campaigning Conservation Organisations

Wild places need the support of everyone concerned about landscape, wildlife and nature. I put a list of organisations, individuals and websites I think are worth supporting at the end of this piece on conservation. Join, follow, share posts, take part in campaigns. Everything helps.

Below is the list again with a few additions. I'll update this at times.

Website & Organisation Links

John Muir Trust. Campaigning for wild land and named for the great conservationist regarded as the ‘father of the national parks’ in the USA. The JMT owns land where restoration is taking place in the Highlands and on Skye, and is now managing the Glenridding Estate in the Lake District. I'm currently a Trustee of the JMT.
Scottish WildlifeTrust. Owns several estates and campaigns for wildlife.
MountaineeringScotland. Representative body for mountaineers, does much good work on access and conservation.

RSPB. The biggest wildlife conservation body. Owns some big estates including Abernethy, the largest nature reserve in the UK.

National Trust forScotland. Owns much wild land including the Mar Lodge estate in the Cairngorms, Glencoe, Torridon and Kintail.

Ramblers Scotland.Walkers organisation that does valuable work on access and conservation.

The Big Picture. Photographers group campaigning for rewilding.

Raptor Persecution UK. Campaigns for raptors and posts detailed information and analysis on raptor persecution.

Parkswatch Scotland. Incisive and trenchant detailed comment and criticism on Scotland’s two national parks.

Trees for Life.  Dedicated to restoring the Caledonian Forest.

Mark Avery. Very active campaigner for wildlife.

Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels. As the name suggests!

Scottish Wild Land Group. Works to protect and enhance Scotland's wild land.

Border Forest Trust.  Works to restore native woodland in Southern Scotland.
OneKind  Campaigns for wildlife and animals in general
The Woodland Trust   Woodland conservation and restoration

George Monbiot  Provocative journalist with much on wild land and the environment. Makes you think!

Rewilding Britain Campaigns for rewilding, as the name suggests.

Rewilding Scotland website for discussing rewilding in Scotland

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