Wednesday 17 June 2009

Pacific Crest Trail story on Rohantime

My second post on the Rohantime website has just appeared, headed Pacific Crest Trail (see my post for March 13 Rohan Memories). I hiked this magnificent trail from Mexico to Canada back in 1982. The first lightweight polycotton hiking clothing from Rohan had just appeared and I wore this on the walk and was delighted to discover that it was really durable. The Rohantime post describes the clothing, with weights (which are lower than those of some of today’s hiking clothing), with a little bit about the trail.

Photo info: Below Mount Jefferson on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon. This is one of the few photographs I took of myself on the walk as I didn’t carry a tripod. The camera was balanced on a rock. Pentax MX. 28mm F1.8 lens. Kodachrome 64. Exposure not recorded.


  1. That must bring back such great memories for you, 1982, I was only 11!!
    All the best

  2. Great memories indeed, Tony. It was my first long walk abroad and my first visit to the USA. What a revelation!