Sunday 31 January 2010

The Snow Continues

For forty-seven days the ground has been snow-covered and now the wind has turned to the north, the temperatures have dropped and more snow has fallen. The very slow thaw of the last two weeks has ended with the snow pack much reduced but several inches of complete cover still remained when the snow started again. And another six inches or so has fallen over the last few days with more forecast this week. In the twenty years I have lived here never before has snow stayed so long. This is a real winter. I will be hauling supplied up on a sledge for many days yet. And keeping fit cutting firewood.

Photo info: Rabbit tracks in fresh snow with the Cromdale Hills in the background. Ricoh GR-D, 1/640@ f8, ISO 64, raw file converted to JPEG in Lightroom 2.6


  1. Its been a snowy this year hasnt it.
    Even here in DC Decembers 18 inch fall was still hanging around in places, and then we ended up with another 5 inches yesterday.
    I'm sure youve had more than us, but it is a very snowy year!

  2. Not so much down here in Ayrshire but have still had some good days on the hills further north. Long may it continue...subject of course to you still being able to get supplies in!

  3. I recall last winter was very good for you as well. You skied by your home and the snow lasted a long time. To get such good lasting snow conditions the next year must be great.

  4. The snow didn't arrive until February last year so we've now had around three months of snow cover in the last twelve months, which is far more than usual. And it was snowing again today.