Sunday 2 May 2010

New Edition of Skye Guide

A new edition of my walking guide to the Isle of Skye has just been published by Collins. The first edition came out in 2001. The book covers 30 routes from short coastal strolls to serious scrambles in the Cuillin. The 2010 edition has new Ordnance Survey mapping (the old one had Harveys maps) and the layout has been tidied up, making the text easier to follow. Information has been updated with information on access legislation (the first edition came out before the 2003 Land Reform Act) and the latest details for weather forecasts and other useful contacts. Those routes that I have walked since 1999-2000, when I did the research for the first edition, have been updated too. The bulk of the text and the photographs are the same as the first edition however. The price is £12.99


  1. Hi Chris

    i've got your Ben Nevis & Glen Coe book, plus a couple of others from the earlier series.

    Are the new ones still printed to the same standard, with the high quality paper and waterproof outers? I haven't seen one yet; I suppose Waterstone's in Birmingham might be a good bet.



  2. Hi DB, the standard is still the same but the waterproof cover has gone.

    There'll be a new edition of the Ben Nevis & Glen Coe guide, but that probably won't come out until next year.

  3. Certainly a beautiful part of the country. I think on a par with Mull in terms of UK islands.

  4. Hi Chris! How do you position yr book against the Cicerone guide by Terry Marsh?

    I'm off to Skye at the beginning of July for the first time. One week making excursions from a cottage near Elgol with the family, then one week as a free agent with my Eta stove and a tarp.

    Do you recommend the Harvey map? And I'm wondering about the midge and the tick?

    Any recommendations advice would be most welcome.

    Paul M

  5. Hi Paul, I haven't seen the latest edition of Terry Marsh's book. I have the 1996 edition. It covers 87 walks/scrambles. My book covers 30 so I have to concede quantity to Terry Marsh! Terry's book is more aimed at walkers with scrambling sections left for people to follow themselves.

    If you are thinking of scrambling then I recommend Skye Scrambles by Noel Williams, an excellent book.

    A great family trip from Elgol is the boat trip to Coruisk. This is described in my book.

    Midges are likely to be appearing by early July and can be awful on Skye. Take plenty of repellent, insect proof clothing and head nets! I haven't had problems with ticks on Skye but they are present. Repellent and clothing that deters midges also works on ticks.

  6. Thanks for the advice I think I'll get a selection of the books! And head nets - this is a new gear item for me!

    Unfortunately it looks like Skye Scrambles is out of print and I've not found anyone with a copy for sale.