Wednesday 16 March 2011

A Perfect Day; Polartec

Today was a perfect day in the Cairngorms with a clear blue sky, a gentle breeze and the landscape shining white with all the new snow that has fallen over the last few days. Dusk came with a soft, subtle light as the sky gradually darkened and the first stars appeared. I was only able to enjoy the mountains from afar during a short walk in the local woods and fields but anyone up on the tops should have had a superb day. The picture was taken at ten past six this evening.

I couldn't head up into the mountains because I'm off on a press trip for the launch of Polartec Neoshell, a new waterproof/breathable fabric about which great claims are made (and which I have already tested on the Southern Upland Way and will be reporting on in the June issue of TGO). The launch takes place at a ski resort in the Dolomites as part of a Telemark ski festival called the Polartec Scufoneda. It's only a short trip and I've no idea what it'll be like but I'm looking forward to finding out.

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  1. Indeed a perfect day today except for the breakable crust at our level (750 ft)which went as the sun, now so much higher, got on it later in the morning.

    We had 10" of snow at the weekend and Andy in Glenurqhuart had 16"...which gave plenty for another igloo!

    Friends had good skiing today in the Cairngorms.

    Like you it was local walks today but what a fabulous day and so good the quality of light at the end of the day with those lovely long shadows.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Best wishes,

    Rob fae Craigellachie