Wednesday 17 October 2012

TGO Awards Judging Day

The view from my window early this frosty morning

Today dawned cold and frosty with the distant mountains white with fresh snow. I was not heading out into the chill however but instead sitting in the warm and having a phone conference with the other judges of the gear section of the TGO Awards. The discussion was interesting, thoughtful and detailed as we discussed the shortlist. Decisions were made after careful deliberation and will be announced on November 15. I think people will be surprised at some of the awards. Andy Howell, one of the other judges, has written a nice piece about the judging on his blog. Thanks for the compliment Andy!

The non-gear award shortlist is judged by readers. That closes on October 20 so there's still time to head over to the TGO website and vote for your favourite outdoor book, retailer, pub and more.


  1. That's an awesome view to have from your window!!!.

  2. Beautiful and inspirationnal view!! :)