Thursday 17 January 2013

The Cairngorms In Winter film ... the beginning

The Cairngorms, 4pm, January 17
Terry Abraham's Kickstarter funded Cairngorms In Winter project has begun. Terry has been up in the Cairngorms the last few days learning just what wintry conditions can be like here. He's already had to deal with strong winds, spindrift, snow and difficult terrain with snow hiding the rocks - a typical Cairngorms winter week. Added to that has been a deflating air bed and a gas stove reluctant to work in the cold plus a 30kg pack full of video gear. Having progressed along the northern edge of the mountains from Cairn Gorm to Cairn Lochan with two high level camps winds strong enough to blow him over and a weather forecast for blizzards persuaded Terry to leave the hills for a camp in the forest, where the wind is still strong. Here at 300 metres and some 20 miles from the mountains the winds were gusting fiercely when I took the above picture.

I'll be joining Terry in a few days time for some filming - probably in the glens and forests given the forecast. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Good luck Chris (& Terry)
    We've all been following Terry on twitter. Stay safe

  2. Following your adventures on the Summit from the Sea.
    Take care

  3. Think I'll stick with the excellent BBC coverage of the mountains in winter. Not sure what this project brings to the table that I don't already know and have experienced for myself. Can't see a detailed pitch or treatment on the kickstarter webpage.

    1. The BBC coverage is indeed excellent but Terry's film will be very different. Happily there are plenty of people who are interested in seeing it and supporting us in making it.