Tuesday 25 March 2014

Nordisk Telemark 2 ULW Tent Review

Camp in the Lairig Ghru

My review of the ultralight Nordisk Telemark 2 ULW tent, which featured in my recent post Linking the Lairigs, is now online on The Great Outdoors website here.

The weather was somewhat harsher than expected on the Lairigs trip so the tent was really tested. The flash photo below was taken at 5.30 a.m. on the second morning after I'd decided to pack up early due to the strong winds, which were gusting to 50mph. Note the rain on the lens.This is the only photo I took of that camp!


  1. Hi Chris,
    Interesting points you raise in the test, much of which I agree with. I've recently purchased a Telemark 1LW. So far I'm very pleased with it. Like you I'll probably use a trekking pole with the "porch" (when I've got them with me). The sliding inner is such a simple idea but very useful.
    My purchase was inspired by my long use of an Akto, I see the Telemark as a lightweight version in many ways. Providing a similar taut pitch, something that's difficult to achieve with a Laser Lite IME.
    I'll be using it on the TGO Challenge so it'll get a good workout then.
    Thanks again

  2. With a weight under a kg this would surely be a candidate for the world's lightest tent. It was a great review as you touched on the harder to notice features of the tent that could make it hard to use the tent, like the clips that are hard to attach with cold fingers.

    1. I think this tent is not the lightest tent out there in the market, but it is a perfect combination of of expensive cost, lightweight, and free space. Thanks for writing this awesome review.

  3. Hi Chris,pictures are amazing seems like you are a pro photographer.Great job man xxxx