Monday 14 September 2015

Clouds & Colours & Shadows: Photos from Strathspey

Dark clouds over the Cairngorms

A day of shifting skies with clouds rising and falling and bright sunshine illuminating trees and fields and hills. The lush late summer foliage bright and shining, with just touches of the autumn to come. Against the rich green of the woods the distant Cairngorm hills dark and shadowed, the nearer Hills of Cromdale purple with heather.

Purple heather on the Cromdale Hills

Buzzards wheel overhead, a roe deer races for cover, pheasants and wood pigeons noisy in the trees, even with the roaring wind. A fine bracing day with the air and the views changing constantly.

Shadowed mountain, sunlit trees
Thicker clouds over the High Cairngorms
Ben Rinnes

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  1. The Cairngorms. I've many fond memories of the Cairngorms and made some good friendships from times spent in those hills with others. I'm abroad currently, but thanks for sharing your photos that remind me of times past. Strathspey etc.