Tuesday 15 August 2017

On August 15 1982 I entered the Three Sisters Wilderness on the Pacific Crest Trail

Broken Top

Mid-August 35 years ago and I entered the Three Sisters Wilderness on my Pacific Crest Trail walk. Much of the hiking was in forests, as it had been for many weeks, but here the ragged glacier and snow clad volcanic peaks rose above the trees and sometimes the trail did too. I camped by lakes with the mountains rising above them, watching as the morning mist burnt off and the sun made the rocks glow.

The PCT leading towards North Sister

'Glorious mountain country and fantastic volcanic features' I wrote in my journal, 'lava flows, curling rivers of frozen basalt and huge mounds of pyroclastic cinders'. It was all marvellous. I'd been on the trail 135 days and had walked 1775 miles and I was revelling in every day.

The PCT winds up the slopes of Collier Cone

You can read the full story of my PCT adventure in my book Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles.


  1. Great stuff Chris. I bet there are so many wonderful spots on those longer journeys that you made a mental note of to come back to one day. To camp for a while, linger and explore from a remote base camp.
    Dave Porter

  2. Maybe your colour vision is not so good, or perhaps you like the cool aging effect, but all your old slides are magenta colour shifted.
    Set levels or run Auto Color to adjust these in a photo app.

    1. Thanks. They look more magenta on some screens than others. I have adjusted them. Purple seemed the culprit rather than magenta.