Sunday 21 January 2018

The difference a day can make

The Cormdale Hills, January 20

The last weekend has seen a huge contrast in weather and conditions. Saturday was calm and crisp, the air well below freezing. High thin clouds drifted across a blue sky. The hills and woods shone. The day ended with a golden light. The snow underfoot was firm, boots biting in just enough to give good grip.

Snow falling, the Cromdale Hills hidden, January 21

Overnight the temperature fell to -9C. Then the weather changed. Sunday began with grey skies and a flat light, the hills hidden in the cloud. A bitter wind brought heavy snow showers. Underfoot the snow was icy. Saturday it was a joy to wander in a beautiful landscape, pausing frequently to watch the trees, the animal tracks, ice on pools, patterns in the snow. Sunday it was demanding coping with the weather and stopping even briefly was not appealing.

The Cromdale Hills, January 20

The Cromdale Hills, January 21

This is one of the pleasures and challenges of the Scottish weather, especially in winter. Hope for weather like Saturday's but always be prepared for weather like Sunday's.

Here's some more pictures of the two days. The ones from Sunday have not been converted to Black & White!

Castle Grant, January 20

Looking towards the Cromdale Hills, January 21

The day ends, January 20

Snowing, January 21

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