Thursday 5 April 2018

In today's post a beautiful new book on a controversial subject

The idea of reintroducing lynx is very controversial. I shared a mention of this new book from Scotland The Big Picture on social media and it sparked an immediate discussion. Those completely opposed to lynx being reintroduced leapt in ferociously. Others in favour responded. None I suspect had read the book as it's only just been published. In principle I'm in favour of reintrducing lynx but I haven't read much about it. This book should give me much more information.

It's the second book from Scotland The Big Picture. The first, The Red Squirrel, wasn't controversial. Everyone loves red squirrels! This book, The Lynx And Us, looks like attracting much more attention. So far I've just looked at the pictures, which are wonderful. I'll post a review once I've read it.

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