Wednesday 16 May 2018

Take A Hike, with Cameron McNeish. Now on iPlayer.

Last year I spent a day with Cameron McNeish and cameraman Simon Willis in the Scottish Borders filming for a then untitled programme on the story of walking in Scotland. This is now called Take A Hike. If you missed it last week it's now available on iPlayer until May 16.

I wrote the following before I'd seen the programme. There was more material I filmed in it than I expected, which is nice. And I now know why Cameron's dressed like that.

I'm curious to see how much of the hours of material we filmed makes it into the actual programme. I'm not the only guest and star billing goes to a certain Sam Heughan of Outlander fame who is a keen hillwalker. I'm interested to hear what he and the other guests, who include outdoor author and historian Ian R. Mitchell and Mick Tighe of the Mountain Heritage Collection, have to say.

And I also want to know why Cameron's dressed as he is in the promotional picture above!


  1. Hi Chris - enjoyed the BBC show this evening... then with a weird sense of ancient recognition, realised I may have walked with you 40yrs ago... were you a teacher for a brief period at Malsis School, Yorkshire in 1978? I remember spending a couple of days walking alongside you during the John O'Groats walk as an 11yr old pupil in support of your effort... An awfully long time ago :-)

    1. Hi Angus, glad you enjoyed the show. It wasn't me 4o years ago - I never taught at that school (or any other in fact).

    2. Hi Chris - oh, my old and mistaken memory then! Not to worry, really enjoyed the show anyway - big respect for the mega-walks, keep at it! Regards Angus