Saturday 24 November 2018

Favourite Books?

A few weeks ago Robert Davidson of Sandstone Press (publishers of my last four books) took up a challenge to post the cover of a favourite book each day for a week without any comments and challenged me to do the same. I accepted though it took me nine days due to attending the Kendal Mountain Festival where the time just vanished.

Choosing the books was an interesting process. The first three that came into my head were all non-fiction so I decided to stick to that. But a work of fiction kept nagging at me and wouldn't go away so it appeared as the last one. I posted them in the order they came to me and that's how they are here.

I decided on only one book per author. In a longer list there'd be several by Colin Fletcher, Edward Abbey, Hamish Brown, Arthur Ransome and Richard Dawkins. All these books have had a big influence on my life at various times. I love them all.


  1. The Shining Levels by John Wyatt for me, for several reasons. Honest, humble, elegance in its deceptively simple writing. Plus your books of course Chris, which take up quite a bit of shelf space.

    1. Thanks Jay. I had forgotten about The Shining Levels. I remember enjoying it. I must find my copy and read it again.