Saturday 27 April 2019

The Great Outdoors May issue

The latest issue of The Great Outdoors features Alex Roddie's winter Cape Wrath Trail story. His account is thoughtful and thought-provoking.  (I joined Alex for a few days in Torridon, described here).

My pieces in this issue are reviews of thirteen lightweight waterproofs, three multi-tools, Rab Xenon gloves, and the latest edition of Hostile Habitats: Scotland's Mountain Environment.

Away from the Cape Wrath Trail Hanna Lindon wanders the Lake District looking at its Viking past; Ed Byrne tries sea kayaking, Jim Crumley recalls an amazing encounter with a rock climbing badger, Dan Aspel visits Llyn Stwlan in Moelwyn hills in Snowdonia, and Rudolf Abraham has an extraordinary muiscal experience in the Dolomites.

In shorter pieces there's advice for TGO Challengers, a review of Kathryn Barnes' The Unlikeliest Backpacker by Chiara Bullen, Roger Smith questioning the low priority given to countryside funding, and Jim Perrin on Kinder Scout and its political significance.

A plug for the June issue: it'll feature my account of my GR5 Through the Alps walk.

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