Sunday 14 July 2019

Trains, trade shows, thunderstorms.... and the peace of nature

Foxgloves and greenness. Strathspey, July 13.

Last week I was down south in Manchester at the Outdoor Trade Show, wandering hot, stuffy windowless halls looking at gear designed to be used in the open air and wild places. The contrast strikes me every year. The best aspect of these shows is meeting people, old friends and new. And some of the gear is interesting too - it'll be reviewed in The Great Outdoors over the next year (some isn't available until next spring).

View from the train.

After the three days of the show I was happy to make the long train journey north. Thunderstorms were forecast but the view from the train showed a sunny day. Texts from home told of torrential rain and damage to the track to our house. And the train was delayed due to flooding on the line. Then when I got home I found lightning had taken out landline and broadband, leaving just a very weak mobile signal.

Needing to escape from the frustration of trying to work on the phone I went for a walk. The day was muggy, drizzly and dark, the hills swathed in thick clouds. But there were flowers, many flowers, and wildlife - roe deer, buzzards, red squirrels, rooks and more. And the rich greenness of the grasses and trees was soothing. Calmed by nature I returned home in a more accepting frame of mind.

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  1. Nothing like a walk in the countryside to relax the mind, whatever the weather.