Sunday 21 June 2020

What I've Been Reading Online No. 21

The Cairngorms on the solstice

The next collection of pieces I've enjoyed reading online. This time over the last two and a half weeks.


Abandoning Conquest

Why we need to drop the idea of conquering mountains or nature. Good short piece by MyOutdoors.

First Time on Tower Ridge. Sept 1972.

Heavy Whalley describes his first ascent of a classic route on Ben Nevis

One Minute Mountain: Beinn Eighe

The attractions of this superb Torridon mountain described by Alex Roddie

The Mystery of Sandy Irvine

Julie Summers on her great uncle and his disappearance on Everest with Mallory 96 years ago this month

The Going Lighter Guide 2020

First in a useful-looking series on how to lighten your load when hiking and backpacking by Andy Howells

Searching for the magical, unorthodox, and other in Britain's landscapes 

Thought-provoking interview with Jini Roddy, author of Wanderland, a book I'm looking forward to reading

In praise of Wild Camping

David Lintern on the myriad joys of camping in wild places, illustrated, as usual, with his wonderful photographs

Legends Series: Aleister Crowley

Ash Routen looks at the climbing career of the singularly unpleasant self-styled Wickedest Man in the World.

Surmounting Stereotypes with Zahrah Mahmood, the Hillwalking Hijabi

Dan Bailey interviews Zahrah Mamood about hillwalking as a hijabi-wearing Muslim woman

Epic off the In Pin on Skye - 1982

The story of a long difficult rescue after an accident on the Inaccessible Pinnacle.

Ups and Downs - the story of Handbook of the Scottish Hills

Myrddyn Phillips tels the story of EJ Yeaman's little-known but significant classification of the Scottish hills. One for those who like hill lists"

3 Best Satellite Messengers 2020

Good detailed review by Adventure Alan


Mallard with ducklings, River Spey, June 18

Constructing a house with no tools other than the ones God gave you… a bird-brained way to build your own home

An entertaining and fascinating piece on how house martins build their nests by Ben Dolphin

Pheasant or Pheasant's-eye? Nature Connection and Conservation

Miles King on the need to explain difficult aspects of conservation and why a simple love of nature is not enough

Shaun Tan: 'We’re not being mean to animals – but there is evil in obliviousness'

Interview by Sian Cain with the author-illustrator of Tales from the Inner City on animal rights, veganism and winning the Kate Greenaway medal

Political wildlife protection

Mark Avery says wildlife protection is, and should be, a political matter

Please Don't Throw Light-Sticks Into A Waterfall

After a photo magazine published an article on throwing lightsticks into a waterfall (since withdrawn after protests) Andy Wasley explains why this is a really, really bad idea

Nature notes: this week’s nature and wildlife photography, 21 June 2020

Alex Roddie has a great week photographing wildlife

The wild youth of legendary Scottish naturalist John Muir

First of a three part series on the life of John Muir and his relevance today by Hamish MacPherson

Protect NTS ranger and ecology services

An important appeal by Neil Reid about the need for the NTS to keep their rangers, with a link to a petition. Please sign! 


Twilight, Strathspey. June 19

 2020: Waking Up To The New Travel Normal

Holly Tuppen discusses how post-pandemic wanderlust could be a force for good.

Highland tourism: Like the birds, hoping for an income, fat and seed to feed us after an extra-long winter

A look at problems and solutions for the Scottish Highlands when lockdown ends and tourism begins again 


Louise Bacon considers the problems of how to educate the large numbers of people visiting the countryside in a non-patronising and understandable way

Nature Post-Lockdown II

In the second of a three-part series about nature after lockdown Mark Cocker considers the problem of humans failure to give value to the living world 

‘You don’t know what you’ve lost till it’s gone’ – Lockdown Diaries

Lizziwake records her thoughts and activities during lockdown. 'The greatest gift of this time has been the slowing down of life'.

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