Thursday 3 September 2020

A Spectacular Display of Clouds At Sunset

Evening is one of my favourite times and I often go out for a stroll at dusk and watch the day fade into night. Sometimes there is a red sunset, sometimes clouds glow with the last light, sometimes greyness just fades into black. And sometimes magic happens and the sly is ablaze with glory. 

That was the case on the second day of September. After a day of wind, rain and an overcast sky sunlight finally cut through the clouds, lighting up the Cromdale Hills. I wandered down the track through the woods below our house. A chat with a neighbour was cut short by the appearance of midges - they haven't gone yet. 

Leaving the woods now seemed a good idea so I walked back up the track and out into the fields, where I hoped the breeze would deter the midges. Looking back I could saw a rainbow arcing over the darkening Cromdale Hills. 

Towards the now vanished sun great swirls of cloud caught the last rays, turning orange and gold. The clouds were layers of twisting fantastic shapes. Out in the fields I stood and stared, entranced by one of the most glorious skies I have ever seen. This was magic indeed.

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