Sunday 14 March 2021

Online Reading No.20

Early Light, March 1

Links to the online writing I've enjoyed most in the last four weeks.


An A-Z of Hillwalking

Munro Society President Anne Butler offers up an entertaining personal hillwalking alphabet. Amusing and sometimes very accurate.

Igloo or Quinzhee?   A snow shelter comparison.

Andrew Terrill finds out which is best on a tough night out.

Fascinating archaeology in litter's debt 

On finding an old decaying vehicle in the hills Ben Dolphin thinks about litter becoming fascinating archaeology over time.

Leadership a few ideas 

Ex-RAF Mountain Rescue Team Leader Heavy Whalley looks at leadership from his nearl forty years of experience. Much worth thinking about here.

How to stay warm in the cold. Ten Winter Camping Tips.  

Good advice from Andrew Terrill. 

Getting Scotland's outdoors ready for busyness 

Helen Todd, campaigns and policy manager at Ramblers Scotland, looks at what's being done and needs to be done to ensure Scotland is better prepared than last summer for the pent-up demand for the outdoors when lockdown ends.

Scots Pine, March 12


Shooting the Breeze - Ways of Seeing 

David Lintern on being more creative with your outdoor photography and debunking some myths.  Illustrated with some of his excellent photographs of course.

It's not the photo that counts  

On an assignment to take some winter camping photos Andrew Terrill has a challenging time. And manages to get some splendid pictures.  

Forest & Mountain, March 1


Nan Shepherd: the trailblazing explorer who brought the Cairngorms to life

Nan Shepherd died forty years ago. Gayle Ritchie looks at her life and legacy.

Being More Beaver 

Beaver Trust Director Nicky Saunter tried building a beaver dam. 

Has outdoor culture become too detached from nature? 

Alex Roddie asks why some outdoor people are uninterested in nature.

Rock of Ages: how chalk made Englan

A fascinating look at chalk and the English landscape by Helen Gordon. 

Walden:  Reflections By The Pond

Robert Webb considers the relevance today of Henry David Thoreau's classic book. 

This should be Scotland's rewilding election 

Time is running out for nature in Scotland says Adam Ramsey. The forthcoming Scottish Parliament election is a chance to change course.

Jessica Lee: "my identity is hugely tied to land"

Hanna Lindon talks to Boardman-Tasker Award winner Jessica Lee about her books.


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