Friday 17 February 2023

Save Dartmoor Backpack Camping - Appeal Fundraiser

In Scotland, where wild camping is a legal right
The Dartmoor Preservation Association is backing Dartmoor National Park Authority as the official focus for donations in its appeal against a ban on backpack camping. The Association wishes to see a rights-based not a permission-based system on Dartmoor. 
For those not familiar with the story of how campers lost their rights on Dartmoor earlier this year I wrote about it here and here
You can donate to the appeal here:
Dartmoor National Park is now using the term 'backpack camping' rather than 'wild camping' to emphasis that the activity involves carrying all your gear in a pack and does not mean camping by the roadside with gear you'd never carry far, which is what many people understand wild camping to mean. 

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