Wednesday 6 December 2023

Last Day of the Cold Spell?

Across the frozen forests to the cloud-shrouded Cairngorms

Today was probably the last day of snow and frost for a while. For the first time in over a week the temperature is rising above freezing and rain is forecast.

Frosted trees

This splendid cold spell ended with a glorious day of sunshine and frost. After a day of fog the sky cleared and hoar frost formed on the trees, turning them a delicate feathery white again.

The low sun colours the clouds

My boots crunched through the crisp snow as I wandered the fields and woods. The sun had a touch of warmth in it and I removed my gloves and undid the top of my jacket. I soon reversed this in shady areas.

The Cromdale Hills

The Cromdale Hills shone white under a brilliant blue sky. The Cairngorms though were hidden in cloud.


Slowly the sky began to darken and the clouds on the horizon turn orange as the sun sank to the horizon. Streaks of wispy higher cloud marked the start of the change in the weather. Tomorrow the world will be different.

Frost, snow, mist, cloud

Frosted birches

Frosted birch


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