Sunday 14 April 2024

Book Review: Playing Tribute by Graham Forbes - about rock and roll not mountains!

Back in 2012 I read Graham Forbes' first book Rock and Roll Mountains and enjoyed it very much. The book tells the story of the author's discovery of the pleasures of mountaineering after a life as a musician. Indeed, I liked it enough to read Forbes' following books, Rock and Roll Tourist and Rock and Roll Busker, which are also good but without the outdoors content.Now he's written a book about his return to playing and touring as a member of various tribute bands and its a wonderful insight into these bands and the people who play in them. Here he tells the gritty stories of life on the road, the hardships and excitement involved, and the joy of being a working musician. It's a reminder that there are far more people playing music, and loving doing so, than the big name stars and that their stories are worth telling. Unlike his other books it doesn't have "Rock and Roll" in the title but that's what it's about.

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