Tuesday 25 June 2024

After The Show: An Urban Stravaig Around Liverpool Docks

Architectural style

The Exhibition Centre where the Outdoor Trade Show is held (see last post) is in the heart of Liverpool's renovated docklands and on the banks of the Mersey. Walk out of the show and there is the river right in front of you.

Just outside the show

After three days in the show looking at gear, talking, and ambling round the warehouse-like hall I felt a need for fresh air and space and to stride out rather than stroll slowly, stopping every few minutes so I decided to have a walk along the riverside and around the docks in the glorious sunshine. 

Redbricks & boats

I had no destination in mind and nothing I especially wanted to see. I just wandered around looking at anything that seemed interesting. There were a few out and backs, a few deadends, a few repeats. It didn't matter.

Here are some more of the photos I took.

Green & blue

Urban wildlife

Ripples in mud

Lock gates

The river Mersey

Boats & houses


Liver Birds

Big wheel turning

What is it about London buses?

Looks tasty.

A grim reminder of how a little fishing village became a major port

The building never stops

Man at work

Note 1: Photos taken with Sony a6700 camera and Sony E 16-50 f3.5-f5.6 lens.

Note 2: The next post will return to the hills. I promise!

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