Saturday 26 June 2010

John Muir Trust Petitions for Wild Land

Wild land has been diminishing in Britain for many centuries and there is now little remaining. Yet protection for wild land is poor and more is lost every year. Scottish Natural Heritage says that the amount of land in Scotland unaffected by visual intrusion from built development fell from 41% to 31% between 2002 and 2008.

The John Muir Trust, as part of its Wild Land Campaign, has launched two petitions, one to the UK Parliament and one to the Scottish Parliament, calling for greater protection for wild land. Information can be found here. Please sign these petitions and promote them to others. We need to show politicians that there are many of us who are passionate about wild land and concerned for its future.

Photo info: the Cam Loch in the North-West Highlands with Suilven to the left and Canisp to the right. Ricoh GR-D, ISO 64, 1/250@f8, raw file processed in Lightroom 2.7

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