Sunday 17 July 2011

My First Photo Book Out Now: A Year In The Life Of The Cairngorms

My first photo book has just been published by Frances Lincoln. A Year In The Cairngorms has 120 colour photographs portraying the Cairngorm mountains in every season. Having lived on the edge of the Cairngorms for over 20 years these are my local hills and one of my favourite wild areas.

The book has already had a good review on My Outdoors. The reviewer comments that the pictures shows the Cairngorms as they are and not as they might look in those of a landscape photographer who spends hours waiting to take the perfect photograph. This is very much what I have tried to do. Taking my inspiration from the late Galen Rowell (whose Mountain Light is arguably still the best book on outdoor photography), my photography reflects days moving through and living in the mountains and my pictures are taken in all weather conditions.

The reviewer also notes that there's no technical info on "camera and film speed". Well, for those interested all the images are digital so film doesn't come into it and all were shot as raw files and then processed in Lightroom software. The cameras were Canon 300D, 350D and 450D DSLRs with 11-18, 18-55 and 55-250 lenses (mostly the 18-55, a great portable lens) plus a couple from the Sigma DP1 compact.

Update: Andy Howell has now reviewed the book on his website Must Be This Way. Like My Outdoors Andy Howell praises the book for photographs that show the Cairngorms as they are. Thanks Andy!

Update 2: Good review on Outdoors Magic with some sample images.

Further updates. Roger Cox in the Scotsman Magazine gave an excellent review, describing my photographs as "majestic". On Undiscovered Scotland the reviewer describes the book as "abosolutely stunning".  In the Aberdeen Press and Journal Morag Lindsay made it Book of the Week says the book is "a splendid celebration" of the region. There was also a long piece in the Dundee Courier Weekend section for August 27 with several pictures from the book and an interview with me. I can't find this online! Overall I'm delighted with the reception the book has received.


  1. Looks like a must have for my bookshelf, so I've just ordered mine and can't wait for it to arrive.

  2. Congrats Chris.
    Mine due to arrive tomorrow.
    The info you mention on cameras used is useful.
    Best wishes

  3. Congratulations on the publication. I look forward to seeing it. Good luck with sales.

  4. Splendid. I'll add it to my wish list!

  5. Nice one, Chris. I love this series of books. Pride of place on my book shelf. This will be another.

  6. Looks fantastic, will have it on my bookshelf soon.

  7. Chris, can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

    I was wondering, Chris, what do you think about the defence announcements yesterday? WIth the RAF leaving Leuchars and the Army moving in from Germany, are we likely to see large areas of the Highlands requisitioned for army manoeuvres like down in Devon (I think)? Cape Wrath is a long way away from Leuchars... They do have some firing range near Comrie, I think, but I was wondering whether we are to expect lots more squaddies on our hills, perhaps including the 'Gorms? Mind ya, if they get their coordinates wrong and they blow up a few turbines it might just be the ticket...

    Off to the nearest bookshop noo...

  8. Thanks everyone. I hope you all enjoy the book.

    Walter, I am wondering what this means for the RAF mountain rescue service. The access legislation should prevent any areas being requisitioned for army manoeuvres but we might well see more squaddies on the hills.

  9. Fair point about Mountain Rescue. They'll surely keep the Sea Kings at Lossiemouth, won't they, but as far as I can tell the runway at Leuchars will also be kept just to flit troops around so they may well keep some helicopters there too. They'd resurfaced it and upgraded the base for the Typhoons not that long ago, after all.
    I have to say having the low-flying planes training in the 'Gorms was, in a perverse kind of way, a 'feature' of a night out there. I once camped at Loch nan Stuirteag and they kept me company well into the small hours...
    Now we'll probably have to expect the bothies to be a lot busier with squaddies instead! Och well, we shall find out for sure in a few years' time...

  10. Don't mention it Chris. It is a lovely and natural book!

    It seems to be selling well.