Tuesday 12 July 2011

OutDoor Show, Friedrichshafen

In a few days I'm off to the huge OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen to see all the new gear and try and pick out anything interesting. I'll be at the show for TGO magazine, and, all being well with the technology, reports should appear on the TGO website during the show. Then there'll be a detailed account in the October issue. I might post some less gear-orientated stuff about the show here as well.


  1. Hopefully there should be some interesting innovative near gear there Chris. I popped along to a Terra Nova pre Friedrichshafen showing of their new gear with a couple of other bloggers last month. They are doing some interesting stuff with Cuben which I hope you manage to get to test soon. We all stood salivating at their new tents!

  2. James, I have an appointment to see the new Terra Nova tents. I was impressed with their Cuben Laser,. which I tested earlier in the year.

  3. Yep, my lasting impression was how innovative Terra Nova were, covering budget as well as high end - and how they're bringing more and more of what we see on the US cottage scene into the mainstream.

    Was a good day, and pleased you came along James (and Martin, too if he reads this!).

    Certainly, some interesting kit coming out from some companies this year, for sure.

    Have a good trip out there Chris and look forward to the reports on TGO

  4. Enjoy the trip and like Terry, look forward to reading about it after.
    I wonder if many of the USA companies will be there, Tarp Tent and MLD and Trail Designs, the smaller companies.

  5. Chris, always keenly interested in new innovation gear, so your trip report is always welcome within the pages of TGO