Sunday 18 December 2011

Ron Strickland comments on Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams: Updated 22/12/11

View from the Pacific Northwest Trail on the High Divide in the Olympic Mountains.

Ron Strickland, the creator of the Pacific Northwest Trail and author of the PNT guidebook and the excellent Pathfinder, had a look at the blurb on the publisher's website for my book on the trail and decided it didn't really cover everything so he put in a passionate and eloquent suggestion of his own. I won't reproduce it as Sandstone Press has published it on its and you can read it here. I must say though that I've never been compared to Burton or Speke before! And I love the idea of the American Congress making me a special gift of the trail. Thanks Ron.

The book itself is virtually finished. The last pages will be with Sandstone Press tomorrow.

Update: Some good comments on the Sandstone blog. Thanks!

And the book was finished on time. 


  1. Hi Chris,

    Yes I think that is a much better description for your book.

    Will the story be published in hardback ?

    Best Wishes

  2. It'll be a paperback Alastair, with 94 colour photos.

  3. I think the nice Mr Strickland has it about right.

    Well deserved, I would say.

  4. Got any pre release copies you want to send out Chris? I am well looking forward to reading this.

  5. It'll be a while before there's any copies I'm afraid Martin. I only finished writing it a few days ago.