Saturday 10 November 2012

New TGO: Waiting for the Snow, Gloves & Mitts, Klymit Inertia Sleeping Pads, Berghaus Vapour Storm,Reviving Down

Igloo in the Glen Affric hills, January 2012
The December issue of TGO is just out. Before getting onto the contents I'd like to echo Acting Editor Daniel Neilson in his editorial in congratulating Editor Emily Rodway on the birth of her son. Emily will be back at the magazine in the spring.

In this issue my backpacking column, written in early October, is about looking forward to a snowy winter and some winter camps and igloos. In gear I review 15 pairs of gloves and mitts plus the curious Klymit Inertia sleeping pads amd have a first look at Berghaus' vented Vapour Storm waterproof jacket. In the Hills Skills section I discuss reviving down clothing and sleeping bags. I also have a trip in the Wild Walks section this month - an account of a stormy day in the Berwyn hills in North Wales.

Elsewhere in this issue there's a lovely picture of Shenavall Bothy by Dougie Cunningham; some wonderful pictures of last month's Northern Lights from TGO readers; John Manning on a stormy backpack in the Northern Pennines; Jim Perrin on a circuit of Snowdon, an excerpt from his new book on this iconic mountain; Cameron McNeish in search of the most remote Munro; more storms with Daniel Neilson on a backpacking trip in the Lake District with a review of the gear he used; Roger Smith on the badger cull; Jim Perrin praising W.M.Condry's Snowdonia National Park; compass navigation, wind chill, snowshoeing and fire lighting in the Hill Skills section; reviews of Patagonia and Berghaus insulated jackets by Daniel Neilson and reviews of 12 women's gilets by Judy Armstrong;

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