Thursday 26 February 2015

Reviews of Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles

Update March 4. A new review has just appeared in the latest issue of Outdoor Enthusiast magazine:

"It's a captivating read as Chris takes you through each step with vivid descriptions of his thoughts and experiences"

Outdoor Experience

My latest book, telling the story of my Pacific Crest Trail hike, has been out for a few months now and has garnered some positive reviews. Many thanks to all the reviewers. Here are some quotes:

" Every mountain, pass, valley and river is recalled and described in vivid detail and draws the reader into the changing landscape of the PCT............ Chris’ passion for the trail – or more accurately, his passion for exploring wilderness through long distance walking – shines through this book."

"A rattlin’ good read...... I had to force myself to take breaks between chapters in order to savour the experience."


"This is a great book, skilfully written with charm and authority, and it will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in backpacking or wild places."

Alex Roddie

"It's indicative of the simple honesty of using one's own two feet to cover long distances that is at the centre of all of Townsend's books, and this one is no different, but it has one extra quality that makes it important. It amounts to a walking manual - not a gear manual or a backpackers guide (he does those too!), but a manual on how to walk, think about walking, how to stop and not walk at times; and what you might get out of all of it. "

Two foot free

"Gripping reading at times ..... a real sense of life on the edge."

Rucksack Rose

"Lively and at times gripping account"

Roly Smith, Outdoor Focus

"Chris says the PCT was 'the defining walk of my life' and what followed was ' a continuation of the joy I found on that trail'. It's something of a privilege to share those feelings, all the way from beginning to end."

Roger Smith  The Great Outdoors


  1. I really enjoyed it chris; read it through in one breakneck session and will go back and savour it more slowly soon! Also read and enjoyed cheryl strayed's "Wild", but not as much as Jay Griffiths "Wild"! All the best from Mark & Helen.

  2. I've just downloaded it to my tablet/Kindle. I'd prefer the hardback but it will accompany me on my backpacking trips this summer and provide inspiration I am sure if/when the going gets tough. Looking forward to it. Of all the long backpacking routes in my bucket list, the PCT is the dream hike!