Tuesday 4 August 2015

A Sunny Day!

Strathspey, August 3

Finally, a sunny day! July was cold, wet, windy and dark. Sunshine was rare. Only the richness of the flowers and grasses showed that it was summer. August began much the same but on the 3rd the skies turned blue, the clouds white and the sun shone. A strong gusty wind kept the temperature down but there was still some warmth. It felt like a summer's day. Away to the south there more clouds over the high mountains but even their slopes shone bright at times.

View to the Cairngorms, August 3

Wandering the fields and woods I relished the warm air on my skin, the brightness shining in my eyes. The colours of the world were more intense and alive. Flowers glowed, leaves sparkled, tree bark shone. It felt like summer.

The forecast for the coming days is mixed - much cloud, some rain, some sun, high winds. We'll see.

Looking to the Hills of Cromdale, August 3

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  1. Good to hear Chris. I am convinced that the weather affects our moods. I was talking about this with friends who I meet each week and we all noticed how positive we all seemed and it was perhaps just down to the weather. I'm currently in the Pyrenees and the weather is glorious. Even just sitting outside a cafe watching the world go by, everything seems 'ok' because its just such a lovely day. Long may it continue for you back in the UK!