Saturday 8 August 2015

Loch Garten & Abernethy Forest

A few weeks ago we went to Loch Garten to see the ospreys. This time we went to see the lochs and the forest. The day was cloudy with occasional brief bursts of sunshine and patches of blue sky. In the woods it was calm and quite warm but a cool wind swept over Loch Garten and Loch Mallachie, sending waves lapping on the shores. Goldeneye floated out on the water, one pair quite close by until my voice disturbed them and they skittered away, low over the loch's surface. Huge beds of water lilies spread out from the banks, green and white. The lochs were a mix of colours, green from the trees, grey from the clouds, blue from the sky.

The woods were silent. Just once a bird called and then a flock darted through the trees, probably tits and finches though they never stopped long enough for a good view. More clearly we watched a treecreeper spiraling up a pine tree. Wonderfully camouflaged against the bark we only spotted it when it moved. Deeper into the forest a large wood ants nest was crawling with activity, its surface a mass of movement. Sadly, a fence surrounded this nest and a notice asked for it to be left alone. Two other nests had been destroyed, it said. Who would come here and so such a thing?

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