Wednesday 23 December 2015

Freeze-Thaw Storms Continue

Almost a clear sky as night comes in

The stormy weather of the last few weeks shows no sign of abating but a pattern has emerged in recent days. In the evening the wind picks up, the temperatures rise and rain starts to fall. Later in the night the air cools and there may be sleet or even snow. The morning continues stormy and then during the afternoon there's a lull and the skies almost clear and there are touches of sunshine before the next storm blasts in after dark. So it was today, the 23rd, with wet snow and sleet all morning, sticking on the hills and in sheltered spots lower down. Then came the afternoon quietness. We ventured out into the woods and fields, admiring the fresh snow up high and watching the almost-full moon rise through thin hazy clouds. The air was still chill but after dark it began to warm. In the snow this morning it was 1C, by 10pm it was 7C. The wind is rattling round the house now. The same pattern is forecast for tomorrow. Wild, wild weather.

Fresh snow at dusk

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