Wednesday 21 December 2016

Review: Eden XP 8x32 Binoculars

Eden 8x30 binoculars

Back in June 2012 I reviewed the Eden 8x42 binoculars. I was impressed with the quality and recommended them. I've used them frequently since then and they're still in fine condition. They do weigh 712 grams with the padded neck strap though and are fairly bulky so I don't take them on backpacking trips of more than one night or on long day walks. However I do like to have binoculars with me  - for bird and animal watching and sometimes rocks and clouds and stars and the moon and even route finding at times - so I was pleased when Eden offered me a pair of the new 8x30 binoculars to test. These weigh 550 grams with the padded neck strap (I wouldn't be without this) and are much more compact than the 8x42s.

Eden 8x42 & 8x32 binoculars

The 8x30s have the same high quality look and feel of the 8x42s and should prove just as durable. The roof prism design is the same with a firm dioptre adjustment that stays in position, adjustable eye cups for use with and without glasses, and indentations for good grip. They're splashproof too.  The field of view at 1000 metres is 131 metres (it's 129 for the 8x42s). They don't let in as much light as the 8x42s as the front diameter is smaller - hence the lower weight and size - but this is really only noticeable in very low light.

The difference in weight and bulk makes the 8x30s a better choice for hillwalking and backpacking. I'm now carrying them on any trip where weight isn't too significant and can certainly recommend them.

The 8x30s cost £200, which I think is very reasonable. More details here.

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  1. Weight around my neck is something I really notice by the end of a day, and I do like to carry binoculars; any way of lightening up is interesting, particularly on warmer days when wearing just a T-shirt with no collar to turn up.

    Those bins look nicely made Chris: I know there are some lovely high-end optics out there, but I do think the law of diminishing returns sets in above a certain price band.