Friday 2 December 2016

Yosemite Valley to Death Valley Podcast on The Outdoor Station Part 1

Looking down into Darwin Canyon

A few days ago I recorded a podcast with Bob Cartwright of The Outdoor Station about my recent long walk. We talked for a long time! So the podcast will appear in two parts. The first one has just appeared and you can listen to it here.


  1. Inspirational Chris. I was especially interested in the bear canister section. Ive read that titanium canisters can be bought, and after reading your books and following online outdoor magazines such as Adventure Journal I am inspired and hoping to make several long distance treks in the US and wondered wether you thought it worthwhile to invest in my own titanium bear canister? I'm thinking of the PCT, CDT and various other backcountry routes as well as in Canada. Would a canister fit lengthways as you described in a GoLite Pinnacle sack? Maybe only at the bottom?

    Looking forward to part 2.

    1. I don't know of any titanium canisters Jay but there are certainly much lighter ones than the Backpackers Cache one I rented from Yosemite National Park.I couldn't squeeze that one across the Pinnacle at the top or the bottom, it would have to stand upright.

      If going to many areas where using a canister is mandatory it would be worth buying a lightweight one. You don't need one for most of the PCT or CDT though. Andrew Skurka has a good overview of what's available on his website -

  2. And glad you enjoyed the podcast Jay!

  3. Thanks for the Andrew Skurka link Chris. Really helpful. Andrew's article is very practical and sensible. I reckon if I were to buy one, the Bear Vault 500 looks a good all-rounder and 'only' $80. I checked out some YouTube reviews on it (how did we manage before the internet?). I'll revisit this topic nearer the time of any future walk, though its the PCT I have in mind.