Sunday 10 March 2019

Saving Glen Etive: Action Needed Now

Last summer I wrote a post about the threat to beautiful Glen Etive from seven hydro schemes. In that piece I described the glen as "surrounded by fine rugged mountains laced with deep narrow ravines and corries down which tumble fast flowing streams ........ . an area that should be left to become wilder with the pressures of overgrazing and commercial forestry removed not one sacrificed for a tiny smidgeon of energy."

Despite being in a Wild Land Area, National Scenic Area and Special Protection Area, last month Highland Council approved the hydro schemes. However due to one concerned councillor,  Andrew Baxter, Highland Council is going to review the decision on the three most damaging schemes at a Special Meeting on March 20th.

A campaign group, Save Glen Etive, has been set up and can be followed on Twitter and Facebook. There's also a petition. Residents of the Highland Council region can write to their ward councillors asking them to attend the Special Meeting and oppose the hydro schemes, as I have done. Those from outside the Highlands can write letters to the press, post online, and share posts from Save Glen Etive. Public pressure is needed to save this special place.

As well as the Save Glen Etive pages there is much detailed information in a series of posts on Parkswatch Scotland.

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