Monday 27 January 2020

Looks like winter is returning. Hurrah!

Bynack More, dusk, January 25

After days and days of mild weather, grey skies, and no sign of frost or snow the weather finally seems to be turning wintry again. As I write this at midnight the temperature outside is -3c, the first sub-zero temperature for a long time. At dusk, when the clouds lifted from the hills, a dusting of fresh snow was visible. The forecast is for cold stormy weather with snow for the next few days. Maybe this time it'll last for a few weeks.

I hope it will as this coming week I'm planning on a hill day and next weekend the first overnight of the year. Whilst I'd rather have had winter conditions these last few weeks I would probably have felt very frustrated as a really bad cold has kept me from doing much. It's passing slowly now, just in time for the return of winter.

A dusting of snow on the Cairngorms, January 25.

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  1. Hope you're right about the next few weeks Chris. Climbing in the Cairngorms and Torridon and walking in Assynt are all on the permitting Look forward to reading about your adventures ❄😊