Thursday 26 March 2020

Far away and twenty years ago: On the Arizona Trail

Antelope Peak

On this day twenty years ago I was on a cross-country section of the Arizona Trail, walking through the desert below Antelope Creek. Part of the day was spent in aptly named Bloodsucker Wash, though the bloodsuckers plants not vampires. In my journal I wrote "slow going picking a way through cactii and spiky catclaw and mesquite bushes. Teddybear cholla especially bad as lots of small pieces on the ground - stabbed several times, used poles to remove them".

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  1. Haha! Yes, these cholla cacti are terrible! I tripped over something on my AZT hike and fell right onto one! Very difficult to remove the pieces because when you try to remove them from your limbs they will then attach themself to your hand. But to my surprise the scratches they cause heal really quick.