Tuesday 27 October 2020

Alex Roddie launches a fundraising auction for the John Muir Trust - bid for a copy of Wanderlust Europe and a walk with me and Alex.

Alex Roddie, author of Wanderlust Europe (see my review), has launched an online auction in aid of the John Muir Trust

The winning bidder will receive a copy of the book and a day out on one of the John Muir Trust's mountain properties with Alex and myself (possibly an overnight camp too). 

There's an interview with Alex about the thinking behind this fundraiser on the John Muir Trust website and Alex has written about it on his blog

All proceeds go to the John Muir Trust. You can bid here

I think this is a great initiative by Alex and was happy to agree to give my time for a day out with the winning bidder. I've supported the John Muir Trust for many years (and been a Trustee for the last five) and I agree completely with Alex's words: "If, like me, you are concerned about the future of our mountains, wild places, and rural communities, I believe that supporting the John Muir Trust is one of the most positive ways you can make a difference.”

I'm looking forward to accompanying one of you in the hills!



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