Friday 13 November 2020

My Cairngorms Inversion trip on The Caledonia Collective


The story of my cloud inversion and fogbows Cairngorm trip in October is now on The Caledonia Collective website here. Regular readers of my blog will have read about this fantastic trip and seen the pictures already but this is an opportunity for me to flag up The Caledonia Collective, which launched in September and which already has many excellent pieces to read. 

What is The Caledonia Collective? "We are a collaboration of creative people who are inspired by the landscapes of Scotland. Our diverse team of contributors includes people who are writers, photographers, musicians, athletes, historians… the list is long. But whatever our professions, our passion is for telling stories of Scotland."

I hope to contribute more to this excellent project. In the meantime please do go and have a look.


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