Tuesday 17 November 2020

What I've Been Reading Online no. 27

Dusk over the Cairngorms, November 9


Wolves, bears, lynx, navigation, avalanches, Munros, a mystery and more in online reading I've enjoyed the last two weeks.



Up Land: We drank Ardbeg and talked wild places and politics. 

David Lintern on our overnight trip on the Cairngorm Plateau.

When Glencoe resembled the Himalaya

An old folder of photographs brings back memories of snowy winter climbs for Alex Roddie.

Dover to Cape Wrath: full gear review 

Last summer Mark Webb walked from Dover to Cape Wrath. Here he describes his gear choices.

I learnt about winter mountaineering from this. Lancet Edge Avalanche.

David 'Heavy' Whalley recalls being avalanched long ago and the lessons he learned.

A Nameless Hiker and the Case the Internet Can't Crack

A hiker is found dead in his tent. He's met many people along the Appalachian Trail. He has a trail name - Mostly Harmless. There are photographs of him. Three years later he still hasn't been identified. Nicholas Thompson, editor-in-chief, of Wired looks at this mystery. 

Night Navigation on the Dava Moor with the Moray Mountaineering club. A few lessons re learned!

David 'Heavy' Whalley practises navigation on a dark November night.

Great Mountain Days in Northern Scotland 

Joe Williams of Cicerone Press braves the midges to walk, scramble and camp in the NW Highlands.

The Munros a look back to 1976

More memories from David Whalley. Here he looks back to early days on the Munros and the completion of his first round.

A Rum do – hippos, Eddie Stobart lorries and a magical protection from ticks

Ben Dolphin thinks entertainingly about ticks.

Interview: Nick Hayes on The Book of Trespass

David Lintern talks to the author of an important new book on trespass in England.

Dusk in the woods, November 9


As predators return to Sweden’s wild, ecotourism looks to change mindsets

A look at how Sweden is managing the return of wolves, bears and lynx.

Language Matters: A War on Wildlife Project campaign 

War on Wildlife launches a campaign against the use of words like vermin and game to describe wildlife. I welcome this. I wrote about it in Along the Divide and I think it really does matter. 

Bringing back the beast: rewilding projects are expanding European carnivore ranges

Jacob Dykes of Geographical magazine looks at the increasing number of projects bringing back large carnivores to Europe in this in-depth article.

The Wolf: Too Wild For Scotland? (part 2).

A look at the cultural problems of bringing wolves back to Scotland.

Secrets of the ice: unlocking a melting time capsule

Climate change is creating a new academic discipline - glacial archaeology. 

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