Saturday 11 November 2023

Pacific Crest Trail Memories

Searching for something amongst a pile of papers I came across my membership card for the Pacific Crest Club, which I joined when planning my 1982 PCT through-hike. Whatever I was looking for was forgotten as this little card brought back a rush of memories. I can't remember though how I heard about the Pacific Crest Club - no internet back then! It was set up and run by Warren Rogers, who had led exploratory walks along the proposed route in the 1930s, and produced basic strip maps of the trail. More on the history of the trail and the people involved here.

Warren Rogers with homemade pack in 1935

Warren was a huge help to me with much advice and practical assistance. He met me when I arrived - I'd never been to the USA or flown before - and invited me to stay with him before he drove me to the start. At his house he showed me the log books from his 1930s walks, which were fascinating. He also took me to a company who could drop ship supplies to me along the way, which was very useful as back then few of the places along the trail had suitable food for hikers. His enthusiasm for the trail was infectious.

Ten years ago I wrote a book about my 1982 PCT thru-hike. It's still available!

Myself on the PCT with a ridiculous load with everything needed for 3 weeks through the snowbound High Sierra.

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