Tuesday 3 June 2014

TGO Challenge 14 Photo Gallery: Across the Scottish Highlands from Plockton to Stonehaven

Day 8. Braeriach on a sunny and very windy day. 

The weather on my 15th TGO Challenge crossing of the Scottish Highlands was good for walking with few very windy or really wet days but not so good for photography as many days were overcast with flat light. The photo above was taken on one of the few sunny days. However it was also one of the windiest days of the whole walk, making photography extremely difficult - sometimes just staying on my feet was hard enough. I had to lie down to take this photo.

Day 1. Tony Hobbs by the sea, Plockton

Day 2. Morning at the first camp in Glen Elchaig

Day 2. The Falls of Glomach

Day 2. Tony Hobbs & the Falls of Glomach

Day 2. Ford in Gleann Gaorsaic

Day 3. Glen Affric

Day 3. Beautiful old birch woods above Cougie

Day 5. Ramsons (wild garlic) in a wood outside Fort Augustus

Day 5. Challenger gathering in Glen Doe

Day 5 Camp by the Crom Allt on the Monadh Liath

Day 7. Challengers resting in Kingussie

Day 8. Camp by the Allt Clais an t-Sobhail after the very windy crossing of the Moine Mhor

Day 9. Keeping warm and dry at the camp by the Allt Clais an t-Sobhail

Day 9. View down the River Dee from the Devil's Point - the best view of a cloudy wet day. I also climbed Sgor an Lochain Uaine and Cairn Toul but they were in dense mist.

Day 12. Mount Keen from Glen Tanar.

Day 13. Clachnaben from Fetteresso Forest


  1. A geat set of images Chris.
    It would seem we visited many of the same places, although on different days! I was very lucky on the Cairntoul group with the weather although it was very windy. The Falls of Glomach were magnificent though.

    1. Thanks Al. I guess you were on Cairn Toul the day before me. I started out in Kingussie so didn't reach the Cairn Toul area until late in the afternoon when it was already starting to cloud over. By then I was more interested in a sheltered campsite than climbing the hill!

  2. Excellent pictures Chris, as always. Well done.

  3. Loving the shot of Clachnaben. can almost feel the atmospherics.

  4. Hi Chris, some great shots there. Seems the weather was reasonably kind this year?
    I was just wondering what you used for a groundsheet with your Trailstar?

  5. Thanks for the comments. Paul, I used an OookWorks groundsheet with the Trailstar this year. When I used the Trailstar on the 2012 Challenge I used a flat groundsheet, which worked fine.

  6. Fantastic pictures. The challenge has always been something I wanted to do, I remember the first ones, Ultimate challenge, may be one day now I am retired and have the time to prepare

  7. Hello Chris. Great pictures - which camera do you use?

    1. Hello Oliver, I use a Sony NEX7 with 16-50mm zoom lens. I've written about the camera a few times in previous posts - enter NEX 7 in the search box in the top left corner and they should appear.