Friday 3 April 2015

Looking at some tents

I spent the afternoon pitching, looking at and thinking about some new backpacking tents in preparation for a review that'll appear in The Great Outdoors in a few months. It's always interesting trying several at a time and seeing how they compare in design, space and ease of pitching. Now I'll leave them up for a few days and see how they deal with the weather. It's raining tonight.


  1. ive seen some strange designs in tents over the years but that msr thing takes the biscuit. it has to be the worst thought out tent ever.

    1. Looks a bit like the Karrimor Marathon Mk II from the 1970s.

    2. .is this is the same company that gave us the whisperlite over 20yrs ago,.?
      ah well, i must admit although i liked my hubba hubba when it first came out ten years ago it did fall apart on a four month trip in NZ after buying it.
      Stick to stoves lads !