Sunday 12 April 2015

Winter returns to the Cairngorms

Cairn Gorm stormbound

This morning a layer of white covered the ground in Strathspey and the sky was a swirling mass of cloud. Bursts of sunshine melted the snow at this level - 300 metres - but higher up the snow is lying. In the distance the Northern Cairngorms are hidden in the storm.

A walk in the fields and woods meant bundling up against the strong and cold blustery north-west wind. Savage squalls of rain, sleet, hail and snow blasted in at regular intervals. Flocks of chaffinches flew low over the ground, barely inches above the grass, while high above lapwings and rooks were whirled about in the wind. To take photographs I wedged myself against trees and fence posts or crouched against boulders.

A squall passes over

Snow is forecast for Cairn Gorm for the next three days. Winter has returned to the Cairngorms



    ever heard of the hay duke trail. I expect so ! sounds amazing, the link above is a girl who walking it right now and updating her blog as she goes. just thought i'd share it with you.

  2. Thanks Becky. I know about the Hayduke Trail and it's on my list. I hadn't come across this blog before though.