Wednesday 23 March 2016

Reviews for 'Out There'

The first reviews of my new book have appeared and I'm delighted as they are very positive.

Nick Drainey in The Scots Magazine gives a good overview of the book and finishes by saying 'Townsend has achieved his aim of inspiring others with this book and if you don’t feel like going on a walk – no matter how long or short – after reading it, you never will.'

Alex Roddie, who I was very pleased to see at the book launch in Inverness last week, writes on his website 'I have read several books by this author but I think this is one of his most diverse and enjoyable reads yet – perhaps also his most important ....... the result is magnificent'.

Alex also contacted me with a few questions. My answers are appended to his review.

In Outdoor Focus, the journal of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild, of which I am a member, Roly Smith describes the book as a 'highly readable anthology' and 'highly recommended'.

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  1. Only just started reading, but if the preface is anything to go by it'll be a fantastic read thanks very much Chris.