Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Reviews for 'Out There'

The first reviews of my new book have appeared and I'm delighted as they are very positive.

Nick Drainey in The Scots Magazine gives a good overview of the book and finishes by saying 'Townsend has achieved his aim of inspiring others with this book and if you don’t feel like going on a walk – no matter how long or short – after reading it, you never will.'

Alex Roddie, who I was very pleased to see at the book launch in Inverness last week, writes on his website 'I have read several books by this author but I think this is one of his most diverse and enjoyable reads yet – perhaps also his most important ....... the result is magnificent'.

Alex also contacted me with a few questions. My answers are appended to his review.

In Outdoor Focus, the journal of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild, of which I am a member, Roly Smith describes the book as a 'highly readable anthology' and 'highly recommended'.

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  1. Only just started reading, but if the preface is anything to go by it'll be a fantastic read thanks very much Chris.