Sunday 30 October 2016

Autumn Colours in Strathspey

Returning home from a long walk inevitably means being greeted by vast numbers of emails (and, these days, Twitter and Facebook messages) and piles of post. Four days on from my arrival back and I've only just begun ploughing through all of these (apologies to anyone awaiting a reply!). Staying indoors suddenly immobile at a desk is neither a good idea nor, I suspect, really possible for me and I have ventured out each day for at least an hour or so in the outdoors. Very soon there'll be a hill. There will have to be a hill!

Today the sun shone weakly through thin clouds, the soft light ideal for showing the remaining autumn colours at their best. Wandering through the fields and woods I came on many still bright aspens, birches, cherries and willows, though many others have shed all their leaves. In the distance the mountains were grey silhouettes against the diffuse brightness of the late afternoon sky. Large flocks of fieldfares whirled over the fields. I'm told easterly winds have brought an increase in these winter migrants from Scandinavia.

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